A Mobile-Friendly Website Is 100% Necessary

insights from Sherry Gray of Entrepreneur Magazine

It wasn’t that long ago that businesses could get away with having a website that was not mobile-friendly, but that is no longer the case. In today’s on-the-go world consumers are doing an incredible amount of online shopping on their phones, and if a business does not have a mobile-friendly website ready to greet them, they will miss out on sales. Sherry Gray of Entrepreneur Magazine has these three tips for businesses who are ready to get on board.

Start With A Responsive Layout
Determine whether your site uses a responsive-technology framework. This allows your site’s important details to display properly on different devices. The goal is to ensure users enjoy a similar-quality browsing experience no matter how they view your site.

Make Sure Your Site Works On Thumb Clicks
With so many people using their smartphones to check out websites and shop online, your mobile-friendly website must cater to this trend. An avid phone user wants to navigate sites with only his or her “phone hand.”

Build A Simple, Uncluttered Mobile Site
If your site is a big jumble of text and graphics, it’s hard for users to scroll through and identify what they need. Frustration will make them click away. No one wants to squint.

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