Ask For Referrals From Your Most Satisfied Customers

referral advice from Dawn Verbigghe

Referrals will forever yield the best results when it comes to lead generation, and for many businesses are worth their weight in gold because of their significantly higher conversion rates. Unfortunately, not many small businesses think to actively approach their current customers for referrals, either because it never occurred to them to do it, or they are worried about asking and risking the relationship. Dawn Verbigghe has some thoughts on how to begin that process…

“Half of our business comes through referrals from happy customers, in part because we ask for them. Here’s how you can get more referrals, too. First, figure out who your biggest fans are by sending a Net Promoter Score survey to each of your customers. Those who the survey results identify as “Promoters” are the customers you want to contact. Then, find a way to have a personal conversation with that customer and, before concluding,
ask for the referral.”

Start collecting stories from your customers on their success with your products and services, and then turn those into different types of content pieces to give context and a story to potential
customers you are marketing to.

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