Avoid Pushy Sales Language On Social Media

advice from serial entrepreneur, John Rampton

Algorithms have gotten really good at detecting “salesy” language like “buy now” or “enter now”. They can also tell when you’re reusing content from a Facebook ad – and your organic reach and engagement will suffer if you attempt to bypass this guideline.

This doesn’t mean you can’t lead your fans into your funnel through your social posts – but it does mean you’ll have to be much more clever about it.

John Suggests…

1. Don’t use strong promotional calls to action. This includes phrases like “click here to buy” or “download here”, but may also include sales or money-related language and symbols like %, $ or “sale”.

2. Use your posts to move people off of social channels and onto your website, where they can receive useful info (like blog posts, guides, downloads, etc.) and also begin moving into your sales funnel.

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