Avoiding Feeling Overwhelmed With Social Media

tips from @KatieLance of the #GetSocialSmart Show

Tip Number One: Focus five.
Each and every morning, as I’m drinking my cup of coffee, I always scroll through Facebook or Instagram, or both, and see who are the five people I can connect with each and every day. Now don’t just be a drive-by liker. Don’t just jump on and like five things and then hop off, but take the time to like, comment and engage with people.

Tip Number Two: Time block.
Set aside an hour or two each and every month to batch create your content, especially if you’re doing video content, but you can also do this with any of your graphics content that you’re doing as well.

Tip Number Three: Batch create content.
On a weekly basis, set aside 30 minutes or so, and this is a great opportunity for you to think about the week ahead. Schedule the next three, four, maybe even five days worth of content.

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