Building Your Lists… Naturally

tips from the minds at eMerge

What is a natural, organic list?
A natural, organic list is made up of people who have opted in to receive information from you and your business.

This opt in may occur in many different ways, such as:
– Interaction with your website
(ie. contact forms, newsletter subscription forms, online purchases, etc.)
– In-store/on location sign-ups
(ie.  Join Our Email List)
– Special offer registrations
(onsite or virtually)
– Requests for specific information
(ie. house listings that match desired criteria, upcoming open houses in a certain market, etc.)
– Newsletter registrations
(ie. helpful articles, consumer-oriented content, educational material, etc.)

Basically, the people who constitute your natural, organic list are people who’ve specifically opted in to receive some sort of future communication from you…either short-term or ongoing.

A natural, organic list is built over time.
It’s true, good lead lists don’t happen overnight. But a good lead list will provide you with a much greater opportunity to convert the people within that list to loyal, long-term clients…which is the end goal.

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