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Geoff Brewer

United Real Estate Music City | Nashville, TN
Geoff Brewer, an agent turned broker/owner shares
his personal United Real Estate story.


Bonnie Mays | United Real Estate Louisville shares her story of being an early adopter of a unique new business model.


Dan Duffy | CEO of United Real Estate Group shares his vision for one of the most disruptive, fastest-growing real estate brands in the market.


David Madsen | United Real Estate Advantage discusses the attractiveness of a full-service business model focused on technology, training & agent tools.


Nick Firios | United Real Estate Preferred discusses how aligning with the power of the United brand has driven his, and his agent’s, business success.


John Finn | United Real Estate Richmond discusses the success he and his family have found investing in United Real Estate.


Bryan Messick & Janelle Karas | United Real Estate Prestige discuss their investment motivation and share tips for potential franchisees.


Kamil Nowakowski | United Real Estate Elite discusses United’s simple technology and support that drives his agent’s success.


Pat & Marta Grace | United Real Estate Kansas City share their personal United stories from both the broker / owner and agent perspective.