Consistency Builds Credibility

business advice from Kristi Porter

Being consistent is key in marketing because it helps to not only set the expectations of your followers and customers, it also is proven to build engagement over time and really give your brand the snowball effect you want. The problem is that many times businesses either fail to provide content consistently, or become overwhelmed because of the effort involved.

“While there are many experts and articles online that stress certain platforms and frequencies, the most important factor in developing a content marketing strategy is to find a consistency that you can actually execute. Consistency builds credibility. It also helps you establish a manageable routine. Yes, it may be optimal to tweet 10-15 times per day or blog weekly, but if you hear the advice but can’t follow it, or only follow it for a short time and become overwhelmed, you’ll get frustrated and give up. You can always add platforms and increase frequency, but it’s important to establish a foundation that allows you to succeed both for yourself and your audience.”

Getting a marketing platform like eMerge in your corner will not only help you with scheduling out your content on a consistent basis, but will also provide you with content when you hit that writer’s block, or just run out of time.

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