Create A Podcast By Repurposing Content

advice from Andy Robbins

More than likely you listen to podcasts, and we can guarantee you know what a podcast is. After a decade the medium has become incredibly popular, and huge brands even got their start by creating a podcast and sharing it. But have you thought about creating a podcast for your brand? You don’t have to go too crazy with it at first, Andy Robbins of AudioFile suggests beginning with repurposing old content to get you started.

 “Almost a third of Americans between ages 25 and 54 now listen to podcasts monthly. While blogging is still a good way to get your information out, we believe that podcasting should also be used in your marketing strategy. Many companies are overwhelmed with trying to produce content, especially if they already have a blog, newsletter or YouTube channel. The good news is, you can repurpose all this content into a podcast production that will reach this critical age group and bring in new customers.”

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