Curate Longform, Evergreen Content For SEO

content advice from Miles Anthony Smith

Miles has a 3-step process in place that, admittedly, requires a bit of strategy and resources upfront to put into place, but can create a traffic stream unmatched by any paid traffic sources. He lists them out here…

1. Keyword Research
to identify keywords that meet four criteria:
–  Broad enough topics that have strong search volume for significant traffic.
– Aren’t too competitive relative to your site’s domain authority.
– Have a “content” focused search intent of the Google user, not a “product”.
– Are evergreen topics that warrant writing an in-depth article
(2,000-4,000 words).

2. Content Research
Create a “top 10 articles” ranking on page one for your targeted primary keywords and curate the main elements into a “master” or “best of” post.

3. Influencer Outreach
Reach out to influencers in your industry asking them for quality backlinks to your article based on that they may have linked on a similar one before, or are sending out content like it on their own channels.

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