Develop A Business Referral Network

insights from marketing specialist, Nedelina Payaneva

“Getting customers to talk about your business can be a powerful way to grow your revenue and subscriber base. It’s formally known as referral marketing and, chances are, you’ve probably already done this yourself few times. As a customer, you’re referring the business and, because your audience trusts you, they’re likely to take you up on your recommendation. For the business, that means meeting new customers who are already encouraged to prefer your service or products.

Referrals have to be simple for the customers to execute and to have the right reward. When thinking about the type of reward, a number of things may come to mind like points, store credit or even real money. I suggest closely relating your rewards to your service or product, such as a free month or discount on the next delivery, free surprise box with your products or 50 percent discount on their next order.”

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