Eliminating Bottlenecks Should Be Your Main Priority

insights from Ali Hassan of ThroughPut, Inc.

Ali Hassan of ThroughPut, inc. has some unique insights on the types of bottlenecks that businesses face when they experience growth. In his article with Entrepreneur Magazine he outlines some of the common bottlenecks that businesses face and how to deal with them. Here are a few takeaways.

1. Inefficient Time Management
Time is your most valuable resource, yet most leaders don’t use it effectively. You need to analyze your business flow metrics and identify time-wasting processes.

2.  A Lack Of Money
Inadequate funds – and the resources they can buy – can hinder expansion. When it comes to resolving bottlenecks, money talks.

3. Too Much Noise
Focus on the work and trust that attention will come. Put out a great product, and be rigorous about clearing your path to growth.

4. A Small Network
Is your brand primarily local? If so, put down roots where you are, through partnerships and sponsorships with influencers in your region.

5. Growing Too Much Too Soon
You can grow your production, but you’ll grow your problems at the same rate. Figuring out how to scale requires frequent testing and a willingness to pivot – you don’t want to miss out on strategic opportunities.

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