Email With Empathy

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Work emails are not the same as texting a friend, you can’t punctuate every sentence with a smiley face emoji just to reassure them that you’re in a good mood. So, how do you write a good email that isn’t fake or cheesy, but conveys a positive tone? You need to engage with a little empathy. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes, consider how the email will most likely be read,
and ask yourself two questions: 

1. How do they feel: are they stressed, excited, angry?
2. What do they expect from me?

If the answer is ‘my boss is stressed with a project deadline and doesn’t have time to read my proposal for new office plants this week’, don’t wax lyrical, giving the ins and outs of plant air ventilation and price comparison spreadsheets. Instead, send a short email letting your boss know that you have suggestions for office improvement, you’ve done your research, and are ready to share your ideas when it is a convenient time for them. Effective emails strike the right balance between being concise and sounding considerate.

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