Encourage User-Generated Content

advice from Kristine Neil

Technology is a wonderful thing, and that coupled with the power of human networks makes for unlimited possibilities when it comes to your marketing. One of those possibilities is that your audience does a little bit of free marketing for you. Too good to be true? Influencer Kristine Neil has some insights about the importance of getting that word-of-mouth
machine moving for your brand.

“Brands that want to leverage social media and the power of word-of-mouth marketing should aspire to craft an ingenious way to encourage user-generated content. When you can get your audience to post content about your brand, you are turning each of those persons into micro-influencers for your brand. People within their own social networks will be exposed to content about your brand and may even generate their own (or at least visit your website)…Each post is another link living on the web about your brand, so encourage users to include a link back to your website and to tag your company, of course! People will never stop craving for good stories.”

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