Generate Interest At Every Stage Of The Marketing Funnel

wisdom from Peter Daisyme

In his article on Entrepreneur Magazine, Daisyme outlines the three things he believes are essential to keeping leads engaged throughout their entire journey through the sales funnel, from first touch to conversion.

Don’t play favorites and put all your resources into your bottom-of-the-funnel efforts; make sure every consumer interaction makes your brand more compelling. Here are strategies to keep consumers interested at each stage of the marketing funnel:

1. Develop a relatable brand character.
At the top of the marketing funnel, build brand awareness by continually emphasizing authenticity, humanity and humor in your messaging. Relatability creates shareable, engaging content that doesn’t come off as a tired sales pitch or cheesy marketing ploy.

2. Drop something exciting in a lead’s inbox.
The consumer is conducting research on your product or service, as well as your competitors’, so this is no time for your brand to go silent. Instead, spice things up by providing informational “treats” to engaged audience members.

3. Maximize value with gamified conversion.
Keep your conversion process genuinely engaging. The bottom of your funnel should leave the customer feeling not just like a purchaser,
but like a brand advocate.

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