There is no doubt that Tim Ferriss is a master marketer, and he’s got tons of ‘secrets’ that he’s more than happy to share with his audience.

One of the things that makes Ferriss so astounding is the level of detail he offers his readers. 

Each and every piece of content Ferriss authors is granular. It’s filled with links, so readers can find the source of every single thing Ferriss writes about. It provides actionable tips, specific tactics, in-depth discussions. In fact, that’s what his entire podcast it built on: the exact habits and strategies of top performers, many of whom we share in these tips. And Ferriss’s audience (which he knows intimately) eats it up.

How does this apply to real estate marketing?

Offer as much detail about yourself, your business, your listings, your local market, and community as possible.  Don’t just talk about local businesses and events, provide links that make it easy for people to click and engage (this goes for email, social media, your website, blog, etc…).  It makes you super helpful and a great resource to your audience.

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