Grow Your Business with the End in Mind

Tune into the conversation as Kimberly Houk of the Prospecting Today podcast connects with Bondilyn Jolly of to walk you through what you must do to make sure you can retire with a great real estate business.

Key Discussion Take-Aways

– 5:00 Take a step back – what do I need to do to set myself up for long-term success?
– 7:10 Self Inventory – take stock of your strengths & weaknesses
– 8:15 Look At Who You Surround Yourself With
– 10:30 Have A Strong Understanding Of Your Budget
– 12:45 Establish Other Income Streams
– 16:00 Create Long-Term Wealth
– 19:00 Prepare For An Emotional Process
– 21:25 Do Not Be Afraid “I Don’t Know”, & Ask For Help.
– 23:15 Be Flexible. Stay Flexible.


Bondilyn Jolly is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and business leader. She currently serves as the VP of Marketing at Elevate and the Managing Partner of, a new full-service digital & creative ad agency servicing the real estate sector.

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