Growing A Membership Business On Autopilot

business advice from entrepreneur, Elle Drouin

Selling memberships is becoming a popular strategy for businesses in a variety of industries. Though you do create ongoing relationships with customers, you still need to sell to new members and keep things running smoothly. Elle Drouin of explains how she keeps her membershipgrowing on autopilot each month.

“One of the great things about creating a membership is that you can streamline #allthethings (operations / content / marketing / sales / etc) under one main offer. When I sold courses and digital products, my marketing was very launch-centric and I would plan my marketing calendar around webinars, launches, and strategic partnerships. Now that my focus is on marketing just ONE thing, I’m NEVER in launch mode. There are no crazy ups and downs (with the exception of our big semi-annual sales) – instead, we’re just in steady growth and maintenance mode year round which means I’m way less stressed.

And because I’m focused on selling only ONE thing, my marketing is super focused as well. I plan my biz quarterly and, in each quarter there are three months, so each month we focus on one of three things: 1) increasing leads 2) increasing conversions 3) increasing value.”

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