Identify Giveaway Opportunities That Your Followers Will Love

advice from Dustin Brackett

Contests and giveaways are a time-tested way to gain more followers online. People love winning things and getting free stuff, so by consistently providing your followers to engage through small, scalable contests and giveaways you can easily grow your following online, and through that your engagement.

“Contests fail, typically, for one of two reasons – 1. you require your followers to do too much in order to qualify or 2. the prize that they win does not align with your target persona. You don’t have to give away a car in order to garner interest and create excitement around your giveaway, but the prize and the amount of effort required to qualify should be in alignment and should line up with your target personas.”

Try putting together a low-cost giveaway that will create some engagement and see how the benefits go beyond the length of the contest.

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