Make Use Of Facebook Live Stream

wisdom from Keenya Kelly

Live streaming on Facebook has become increasingly popular in the last year because businesses are realizing two things: It’s easy, and it works. Not only does it give you a more direct, personal channel to your audience, it also allows for you to tap back into what made Facebook such a great marketing tool to begin with…the sense of community a business can foster with its customers.

“This is a very easy way to reach your target audience fast and sell your products or services without paying for advertisements. It allows your audience to also share your live streams with their audience, which causes you to reach your ideal client faster with less effort. The comments even give you more content to live stream about. You take each question or comment and turn it into the next day’s topic. That way, you hit your client with their pain point and how you will fix it – by listening to what they just told you.”

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