Map The Customer Journey To Tailor Your Communication

guidance from Shem Szot

“In a typical customer buying cycle, the customer goes through five identifiable stages: Awareness, Consideration, Intent (Preference),
Purchase, Repurchase.

The first thing that a small business owner should do is identify which of the five stages are identifiable for a particular product or service. Then, the marketer must proceed to analyze the stage at which a customer can be intercepted, how long they may remain in a particular stage, and how long they can be intercepted for.

At an ice cream parlor, the awareness stage could include issuing gift certificates for local fundraising raffles. The consideration stage could be affected by effective trial (ex: giving away small taste samples on the street). The length of time in which a customer resides for each of the stages changes from business to business, but being aware of the stages and having a strategy for each is critical.”

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