Maximize Your Content For SEO

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Create multiple pieces of content around
the same topic with different key terms.

Step one to conquering real estate SEO? Create numerous pieces of content on the same topic. The more content you create, the more opportunities you have to target your desired keywords. For example, “Home” and “House” and “Rent” and “Rental” searches both have large search volumes with different results.

What does this look like?
Let’s say you’re trying to rank for “homes for rent.” Google is not going to recognize you as an authority on the matter if you only have one post about it.

Here’s how to get started building that most tried-and-true
real estate SEO strategy, content hubs:

Create a series of blog posts – long-form, in-depth content – on a topic.

Look at customer needs beyond the decision to rent. In our study, we saw real estate SEO powerhouses likeZillow lean into this strategy to help capture customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Expand content that helps customers meet certain challenges, based on what they are searching for online.

For brands positioning themselves as experts in the real estate game, quality content is key, but quantity is important as well: as you find keywords based on what your customers are searching for, you need to create enough great content that gives you the opportunity target those keywords.

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