Maximize Your Video Market

content tip from CEO, Rahul Alim

Video. It’s low cost to do, and you can leverage your expertise as the leader in your marketplace, industry or location to develop a relationship with your prospect. This influences action and moves them down the buyer cycle much faster.

The more complex and expensive the sale, the more you will want to educate the prospect. The less complex or expensive the service, the faster you can convert to a sale.

What is great is that you don’t need to buy expensive equipment to make professional-looking videos. You can use your phone assuming it’s somewhat modern, prop it up on a cup of coffee as your tripod and start practicing your video skills. It takes time, but then you can really educate and engage your prospects more effectively than just writing on a page. If you’re not comfortable on camera, use a software like Camtasia and do a voice over with a PowerPoint presentation or use whiteboard or animated explainer videos.

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