Messenger Chatbot

social wisdom from David Alexander, Mazepress

Chatbots offer a fantastic new opportunity for small businesses due to the low barrier to entry and affordable setup. The most popular chatbot solution at the moment is Messenger chatbots on the Facebook platform that allows you to automate and engage prospects in a new way. Chatbots allow you to offer instant replies to your customers’ questions, and you can build triggers to help answer anything that can be automated. You can use chatbots to sell your products, take bookings, educate your consumers and much more.

The most popular tools for building chatbots on Facebook are ManyChat and Chatfuel, both of which offer a freemium business model with free access to the majority of services with upgrades for pro features. Once people opt into your Messenger chatbot, you can then keep them updated with news and other announcements to increase customer retention and the open rates on Facebook are considerably higher than those of email marketing campaigns. Creating a chatbot that solves a specific pain point for your consumers can be a great way to create viral buzz and get press attention and mentions in major publications.

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