Pay Attention To How You Position Your Brand

advice for keeping your focus from Digital Marketing Consultant, Kimanzi Constable

Building a business is not an easy undertaking and you will run into many challenges, one of which is the limited amount of hours in the day. As a business professional, it is important that you can keep your attention focused on what will help your business grow, and avoid being derailed by distractions. Digital marketing consultant, Kimanzi Constable, has this to say about keeping your focus.

The goal of any business is growth. You started a business to create financial freedom, to be in control of your time and to make an impact. As you accomplish those goals and your business grows, the natural byproduct will be more exposure to people and situations that require your time and energy.

1. Respect starts with you.
2. Say no and mean it.
3. Don’t carry other people’s baggage.

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