Perform A Digital Competitive Analysis

marketing wisdom from the expert, Ben Landers

Before you even start developing your content marketing strategy you need to complete a digital competitive analysis. The reason is, how can you develop a winning strategy if you don’t know the existing score? Marketing guru, Ben Landers, has this to say about developing a digital competitive analysis.

A digital competitive analysis will give you a baseline measurement of where your company’s digital presence falls compared to your competitors, and tends to highlight the areas that you need the most work. You may even discover some content marketing tactics your competitors are using to drive their own success. When we set our content strategy – both in-house as well as for our clients – we use a variety of tools to answer five key questions about ourselves and each of our competitors.

The simplified version looks like this:
1. Which companies are tracking activity on their website?
2. How accessible is each company’s website?
3. What types of digital content does each company have?
4. How visible is each company on major search engines?
5. What does each company’s social media presence look like and how many online reviews do they have?

If you find your company is lagging behind your competitors in any of those categories, you’ve got a good place to start with your content strategy.

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