Publish Timely Content

content advice Digital Marketing Expert, Andrei Vasilescu

It’s good to do some research first to find your target audience, the problems they may be facing, and they want their problems to be solved (i.e. you). Then prepare content that is easily relatable to the audience and shows them the roadmap of how you can solve that problem or address that pain point for them. Also, don’t be afraid to make your content interesting or a bit controversial. Your audience will be more likely to share it with others, or to make comments and reply comments to start a conversation.

“To produce good engagement and conversion from any good content, proper timing is vital. You have to find the right time of the day when the content will be seen by the largest audience, or maybe a time of the year / season when people need the solution to a particular problem that you can solve.

Frequently publishing interesting content produces better results with your audience, and so you will get more prospective customers which can generate more revenue for your business.”

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