Schedule Time Each Week To Dedicate To Blogging

Blogging tips from Content Marketing Specialist, Margot da Cunha

Running a blog is a big part of marketing strategies for businesses large and small. And whether you have a five hundred employees, five employees, or just yourself, it is important to have a blog that is not only filled with relevant content that your audience will engage with, but also that it is updated regularly. It can be a big turnoff to potential customers to become interested in your blog content, only to find out it is seldom updated.

“Do you have time to watch the Bachelorette every Monday? Or Modern Family on Wednesdays? This is all the time you need to dedicate to blogging each week. It’s that simple. Block off a small period of time each week to focus on blogging and only blogging. Tuck your iPhone deep into your desk drawer or even remove yourself from the distracting office environment by grabbing a conference room or utilizing a nearby library and just type away. Blogging is much less daunting when you realize it is essentially just writing down what you know. It’s shocking how much you can accomplish when distractions are removed.”

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