Sponsor Relevant Events

advice from Sumit Bansal

Every industry has conferences, conventions, or events designed to help the businesses and professionals who work within it improve and grow. Attendees may be industry-wide, or specific to members of a certain organization, but. Sumit Bansal, Founder of Trump Excel, has a recommendation for how you can leverage events like that to gain exposure for your brand.

“If you can find relevant events or conferences related to your business, it could be a good way to promote your brand and even generate some leads. Often, conferences allow a representative from the company to become a speaker as a part of the sponsorship. You can use this opportunity to create awareness and pitch your products/services. As a part of many conferences, I have seen companies offer deals and discounts to attendees that helped generate leads/sales.”

Start a list of conferences or events that are relevant to your business, and the organizations that are putting them on. Speak to them about becoming a sponsor and see what they can offer you in return that you can then use to grow your leads.

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