Stand for something

When The Apple Computer Company launched in 1977, Steve Jobs and Markkula outlined three core company principles. First, Apple would empathize with customers. Second, Apple would focus on doing a few things really well. Third, Apple would impute its values (simplicity, high quality) across everything it did — not just within the products themselves, but also through the packaging of products, the look of its stores, and even the way Apple created press releases.

Jobs did a remarkable thing at Apple by insisting on a consistency of design and taste across everything Apple did. Think that’s easy? Look at your company’s website. Do all the sections look like they were made by the same invisible hand? Or does the site look like a digital Frankenstein monster, with different sections cobbled together that all bear the look and feel of whoever happened to make those pages when that part of the site was built? And even if your website looks consistent, does it mesh with your press releases? With your storefront? Your business cards?

That unity…

is exactly what Jobs pulled off.

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