Start A Knowledge “Leaderboard”

advice from Jack Saville, Bynder

I would like to talk about a strategy I like to call the “knowledge leaderboard.” This involves creating a quiz based on the product or industry you are in. So, for example, if you run a cafe, you could create a quiz about coffee. Google Forms is a great (and free) way to create the quiz. Then distribute the quiz link through your social media or newsletter. Depending on your budget, you could also offer a prize to the person who gets the most correct answers, like a gift card or something similar.

Once you have a reasonable number of responses, create a leaderboard of those who got the most correct answers, and post the leaderboard on your website. The people who made it onto the leaderboard might share it on their social media channels, therefore giving exposure to your business. Those who see the leaderboard and think they should be on there will then take the quiz to try and move onto the leaderboard, therefore also engaging with your business.

The quiz is a fun and interactive way for people to engage with your business. The more people who take the quiz, the more exposure your business will get.

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