Stop The Constant Selling

words of wisdom by @garyvee


“Because of the iPhone and the internet, and social media, anyone can produce and distribute. Just 15 years ago, if you wanted to create a commercial to promote your brand, you would need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on media and marketing. Today, you can literally use your smartphone, record a 2 minute clip and run ads on Facebook. The cost of entry has dropped 100 fold.

Instead of trying to sell, you now have the luxury of creating entertaining or utilitarian content as the gateway to the long term relationship. The content you produce doesn’t even need to be related to your product. You can post your favorite articles saying ‘these are the articles you need to read’ You can post about the weather, the news, your users, yourself! As long as you are focused on bringing value to the end consumer, you are going to build reputation and relationship.

This is the key. No sale required.” ~ GaryVee 

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