Switch Up Content Formats

wisdom from Syed Balkhi

Not every platform is suited for the same content format, so it’s important to be able to adapt your content into different styles and formats to fit the best practices on each platform, and in doing so maximize its potential.

“Over the past two years, I’ve moved to adapt written content for multiple platforms, like YouTube, to increase my reach and visibility.

For example, by turning one of my List25 articles into video every week, I’ve grown the YouTube channel to 1.3 million subscribers and amassed over 200 million video views. A similar tactic with WPBeginner articles has grown subscribers to over 8,000, and the channel has increased sales for my WordPress plugins.”

Are you writing about a certain topic on your blog?
Try taking those articles and combine them into an ebook, or a listicle video.
Continue to change your content formats to improve your overall reach and get the full potential of your content.

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