The 80/20 Rule For Emails

advice from the marketing brains at eMerge 

When it comes to successfully reaching as many inboxes as possible, one recommendation is this simple ratio: 80% text, 20% images.

Here’s a few additional considerations related to the 80/20 rule:

1. An email that is all images might not show up correctly in an inbox.

2. Spam filters are scanning email content for text, and are more likely to block an email that is all images, or one large image.

3. An image can only be linked once. If you have multiple links and/or calls-to-action you want to include in your email, you’ll need to think outside of a singular image.

While the 80/20 rule is a good guideline to start, ultimately you should go with the strategy that gives you the best results. Pay attention to your email reports to track your audience engagement.

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