A key activity to building relationships is delivering a consistent, monthly email newsletter.

 Through email marketing platform like eMerge, it has never been easier to create and distribute your own email newsletter. 

Segment your past, present and future clients into different ‘buckets’ so that you can provide relevant, enjoyable information related to their current wants and needs.

For example:

Current Clients:  Exciting new, notable listings, open-houses, COVID-regulations, community events, news about interest rates, etc…

Past Clients / Friends / Family:  Community events, house improvements, re-finance news, Referral information, etc…

Basically, your newsletter should contribute to increased trust, referral opportunity and relationship building….along with keeping your name in front of your audience. 

Newsletters are a more direct method of communication compared to social media or blogging, two other strategies commonly used to build connections.

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