Train Your Brain To Be More Creative

tips from Melanie Deziel

When I’m speaking at conferences or working with marketers directly to help them learn to tell better brand stories, one of the things I hear often is “I’m just not creative.” Sales and marketing professionals tend to think of “Creatives” as a separate category of person, and thusly, they think of creativity is something they don’t possess and something best left to others. 

Part of the problem here is that we often think of creativity and inspiration as this sudden spark or elusive muse that strikes whenever she fancies.

When we do that – when we categorize creativity as this mysterious and uncontrollable thing – we remove our agency from it.

But coming up with content ideas, like anything, is a skill. And that means it can be practiced and mastered, by every type of person.

But practicing creative thinking as a content marketer doesn’t mean you have to create fake content briefs and push yourself to come up with content ideas. There are a lot of interesting ways you can practice creative thinking in your everyday life, when you’re not sitting at your desk. You can train your brain to see possibilities, to combine new ideas, and to think differently.

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