Use Your Content To Give Recognition & Nurture Leads

know-how from Hailey Friedman

“There are many reasons to create content. I’ve developed content for SEO, thought leadership, paid campaigns, ebooks and more. But my favorite use of content is using it as a business development tool, as a way to nurture leads. Let me explain. People love recognition. Instead of cold outreach, try using content as a way to deliver recognition to people. They will be 10x as likely to give you their business.

1. Identify your target leads you want to partner with.

2. Create a “Top Ten List” blog post that recognizes your
top targets for excelling at their work.

3. Email them to let them know you think they’re awesome and
they’ve been featured on your blog. Invite them to share out the blog post.

4. Wait for them to reply. 60 percent of the time
they will respond with enthusiasm and gratitude.

5. Now make your pitch.”

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