“What never changes is the power of repetition and frequency. Don’t worry about putting too much out there. You can’t put too much out there.”
– Ted Jenkins, CEO of oXYGen Financial, Inc.

Offer prospects something of value to strengthen the upcoming relationship before even beginning the sales process. For example, the first question a lead may have when contacted for the first time is, “Why are you calling?”. When prospects have already shown interest previously by providing some personal information in other avenues, your attempt is much warmer than a cold call. Instead, you’re simply catching up with them with information you can actually discuss.

When it comes to these follow up interactions, never give a lead the opportunity to say “no”. Instead of asking a prospect, “When are you free next week?”, try something more decisive. It’s much harder to decline a question like “What works better for you?”.

You’ll never retain a lead by giving up your pursuits. When it comes to marketing, you can never put too much out there. Consistency, repetition and frequency are Ted’s 3 keys to getting leads to sign on the dotted line.

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